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I am pleased to be able to give away a limited number of copies of my new book "Sweat The Small Stuff" BEFORE I make it available to the public at the full retail price. This book is a short, easy to read - PRACTICAL guide on how small changes and actions can make a massive difference to your life and business. 

Just cover the cost of shipping and I will send you a personally signed copy in the post - I am not standing to make any money on the book and I am covering the cost of printing. All I need you to do is help with the postage. 

An international option is also available - just complete the form on this page and I will ship you a copy right away - please allow 7 days for delivery (more outside of UK) - If you have any questions email carl@prodcutivitypowerhouse.com
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Simon Coulson - Self Made Millionaire

Sweat the Small Stuff by Carl Pate is a succinct outline of the most important areas of your life to address if you wish to gain clarity on where you are in your life, upgrade your productivity and invest time in your personal development. He draws from some of the great thought leaders of our time, including Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey and Charles Duhigg and sets out actionable ways to create change within your life, transform bad habits and become more productive. Creating a Daily Life Tracker to organise the principles set out in the book will no doubt help many people who struggle in these areas. Overall a fantastic read. Simon Coulson

Kelly Culver - Social Media Expert

Carl's knowledge on productivity is truly astounding. I am an avid reader and I have never read a book that packs so much value into something you can read in a couple of hours. There's no beating around the bush and pure value. I haven't even implemented half of what he teaches in this book and I've already seen a significant improvement in my business and in my output. Highly recommended!

Danny Walsh - Entrepreneur 

Carl's teachings and easy to understand concepts make for a more productive mindset. This stuff really works and I recommend you grab a copy of Sweat The Small Stuff while it is available for FREE - A Great Read - Highly Recommended!
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By Carl Pate

"Everything that anyone has ever achieved has come from simple activities ACTIONED
one step at a time. We cannot go from where we are today to a completely different
place overnight. But one action today followed by another action and another and all
of a sudden our path has changed direction. And consequently our destination will be a
completely different place, as long as we continue to follow through on these actions in
a consistent and dynamic manner." Order A Free Copy Of "SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF"

Tim Rees - Entrepreneur & Local Business Owner

Just finished going through “Sweat the Small Stuff” by Carl Pate and wanted to take a minute to leave a review but to be honest I’m staggered. I can’t believe that Carl is giving this information away for FREE! Sweat the Small Stuff isn’t your usual freebie giveaway report or another rehashed PLR report, it’s a valuable course in itself and information (in my opinion), he should be charging for. It gives you framework and explains the procedures required to turn your life around. Now that may seem an overblown statement, but read it and then tell me I’m wrong. Whatever your goal is, lose weight, get fit, build a business or ??? Sweat the Small Stuff will give you logical steps to follow to get you on the road to achieving your goal(s). When you’re passionate about what you do, sometimes logic goes out the window, Sweat the Small Stuff will remind you and help you stay on track. Look me up in 12 months’ time and I’ll tell you how much it’s helped me. Great work Carl, this is going to make a difference to a lot of people. 

Sarah Liddle - Brickyard Business Support

Very informative and well-presented with lots of thought provoking insights and practical tips that I can use every day to improve my use of time and increase my productivity...

John Challinor - LIFE VANTAGE

I recently attended the PRODUCTIVITY POWERHOUSE workshop, Devised and presented by Carl Pate, We had a great day, with some fantastic ideas and tools on how to make yourself and your business more efficient, I would recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to take themselves and their business to the next level. Lots of practical tools and ideas that can be easily implemented.

Thanks, Carl a great day!

PS, really enjoyed the escape room!!

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